Why Cloud Storage is Better for the Environment

With green-energy and eco-businesses on the rise, new methods of cutting pollution are being developed. A high-tech computer innovation such as cloud computing might not seem like it has anything to do with the environment – but it does. We’re going to look at why cloud storage systems like DropBox could be a better alternative.

Reduction of paper waste

The reality of modern business is that you need a lot of paper. That means a lot of paper waste. So much paper is used in a modern office – some people think too much. Whether you’re printing out letters, proposals, memos or leaflets – paper is used in businesses on an industrial scale.

While some businesses are trying to use less paper, most still use too much. But how is the cloud going to make any difference? That should be easy to spot by now. The cloud provides remote and easy ways to share files without having to print them out. You don’t have to send memos across offices (or to other ones), simply allow access to certain folders on your cloud.

You can communicate with both colleagues or clients easily like this. The growth in popularity of e-mails has already presented an opportunity to use less paper, but offices still use far too much. You don’t have to print out masses of documents or large presentation notes when you can easily send them over to the right people on the cloud.

More physical space

When there are a lot of paper files that need stored – that normally means there needs to be a lot of office (or storage) space. The great thing about the cloud is that the storage capabilities are limitless, without affecting how much office space you need. That means you can cut back on real estate, or use spare space for something better.

It’s not just greener, it’s easier

Sending files across the cloud doesn’t just save paper waste, it saves people waste. In other words – it’s more efficient. It’s also faster and easier. Convincing people to do something for the good of the environment is one thing, but the cloud actually improves the efficiency and productivity of your business. Sending physical files used to be costly and time-consuming – now it’s easy with the cloud.

Why cloud security is important

Cloud storage systems like DropBox offer great benefits for your business, but you need to make sure you’re using them securely. That’s why more and more businesses are choosing DropBox encryption – so that the right files are fully protected.

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