Top 5 iPhone Apps for Business

These days it isn’t uncommon to see professionals of many different stripes conducting business from their iPhones. But while the mobile revolution has made it easier than ever to do business, starting one still requires capital, hard work, organization and an entrepreneurial spirit. As for the cold hard cash, banks and financial institutions, such as Express Capital, can deliver the loans. Concerning organization, the aforementioned iPhone can be a lifesaver. Comprehensive programs that were once only available for computers can now be had for mobile devices, and app developers are consistently releasing titles that all but revolutionize how people conduct business while on the go.

Here are five such options, and they’re all free.


This popular planner made its bones by giving individuals the power to track and manage all of their finances right from their handheld. Whereas the antiquated financial programs of years past made the user input all their bills and expenditures, Mint pulls in all transactions automatically. An easy-to-read graph displays the relevant data and all transactions are categorized. This is ideal for small business owners who are constantly juggling accounts and trying to keep track of billing.


Most regular folks know Skype as an easy way to video chat with friends and loved ones both near and far. However, this option has built up its videoconferencing platform to the point it runs like a dream in almost any environment. Those who are out of the office can use this app to remote drop in on meetings using nothing more than the iPhone’s front camera.

Square Register

It’s now commonplace for those with small or single-employee businesses to process credit card transactions right from a smartphone. All that’s necessary is a processor and the dongle attachment that does the actual card swiping. Square Register charges a mere 2.75% fee per swipe, and the dongle is free on sign up.


Evernote is considered a must-have app by busy professionals for a reason: it’s the closest thing to a personal secretary available on a smartphone. All the greatest hits are in the app version, from the ability to jot down notes and record voice reminders, to a business card scanner and document digitizer. A premium version of the app that allows users to share notes is available for $4.99.


No list of vital mobile resources would be complete without the mother of all cloud-based data-storing programs, Dropbox. Most folks are familiar with what it does best, such as syncing photos, documents and video across multiple devices. But the mobile app has made an already user friendly interface even simpler, and those who sign up get 2GB of space free. Business owners of any kind who wonder why they might need an app like this one should consider just how devastating data loss can be in today’s day and age. There’s no two ways about it: people who need to be able to access their business data from anywhere are going to need Dropbox.

Those who download these free options onto their iPhone will find that almost all their business bases are covered. And since many of these apps have built a strong reputation for themselves, count on quality updates that will ensure their usefulness for years to come.

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