Pros and Cons of Buying a Mac Computer

As computer viruses, spyware and malware continue to take their toll on PC users and Apple continues to release fun and popular consumer devices that garner lots of media attention, many computer users contemplate buying a Mac. As owner of a computer repair service center that services both PC’s and Mac’s this author is in a unique position to explain the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Mac vs. a PC.


  1. Macintosh computers are less susceptible to viruses and malware. This alone is the single biggest advantage to owning a Mac and the very reason why many computer users choose to buy a Mac. When you own a Mac computer you can count on not getting infected with something contagious and having to pay a computer repair service center to either clean up or reload your Windows computer.
  2. Coolness factor. Let’s face it, Mac’s are just cool- They are styled much better than a PC and they simply look great. Many have back-lit keyboards, an Apple logo that lights up and other cool features that you will not find on a PC.
  3. OS X Operating System. The Mac’s operating system is based on Unix, which is superior to Windows as far as security, features and operational ability are concerned. Many of the most powerful computers in the world are run on Unix based systems.


  1. Apple has a monopoly on Mac hardware. Aside from the purchase price on the Mac being much higher than the PC, this also means that you’re going to pay big money for parts if you ever need a hardware repair. For example while a power supply for a PC generally costs around $50 many Mac power supplies cost upwards of $400.
  2. Less availability of software. While this area is getting better most software is still designed for the PC first and then Mac compatibility is added as an afterthought. This means that some of the software that you may want to run won’t be available in a version that will run on the Mac.
  3. Mac skills are less transferable into the workplace than PC skills. Unless you work in the graphic design industry, becoming an expert on the Mac probably isn’t going to help you much at work or school. Virtually any business is going to be primarily run on PC’s and PC skills will continue to be more valuable to you in most jobs than Mac skills will be.

In closing, while both the PC and the Mac are good computers they are perhaps not equally so for all purposes. While many Mac users are very passionate about the superiority of their machines there are also many areas in which the Mac falls short. At the same time there are some areas where a Mac is superior to its PC counterpart and if your computers primary purpose happens to be one of those areas where a Mac excels then a Mac may be the right choice.

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