New iPhone 4 Shocking Story

The shocking story about iPhone was reveled recently about the new iPhone 4 and iPad 3G with iOS 4. This story is going to freak you out. The researchers had discovered files related to iPhone 4 and iPad 3G which shows that the device keeps track record of its users location every where they take them and store it independently.

As it sound the undocumented feature of is a part of iOS 4. It is the latest big update to its mobile operating platform. The new software constantly updates its location. Weather or not you need it to for an application or service according to a story in the UK paper Guardian.

It might not be exactly new for some, at least not to everyone. Some technically savvy people who have iPhone are aware that iPhone some times assertively store location data. It was not till two Britain researchers where able to visualize the data iPhone stores. They gave an arrangement that how powerful a privacy breaking tool it can be.

The story reveals that if your iPhone gets in to wrong hands any one with technical know how can extract user data showing your where about as far back as any entire year. That can be a terrifying as it sounds. The Guardian story quotes as follows.

“Apple has made it possible for almost anybody a jealous spouse, a private detective with access to your phone or computer to get detailed information about where you’ve been, said Pete Warden, one of the researchers.”

They also say that there is no other hand held device in the market as compare to apples smart phones who keep such extensive location tracking data even though most of them have the capabilities of doing so. The researchers are now at present probing through the programming code of Android phones, but as for now have not found any such data storage.

Warden and Alasdair Allen are the other two researchers on the project of inquiring in to this matter. They have created a web site that answers iPhone users questions about the location data storage. They have created an application that allows its users access the data and see what actually is stored there and visualize it on the map.

Smart phone security gaps have been cropping up and receiving a lot of attention recently. But it is the first time that we see the designers have purpose fully induced this kind of data logging. It is also said that the data logging continues even if one switch to a new phone or connect the phone with new computer.

The device does not support flash content browsing on web due to their deal with Adobe. But again flash content makes browsing slow. Other smart phones are provided with option to increase storage space by adding microSD slot but if you buy 16GB model then you are stuck with that much space or buy 64GB iPhone. The provided information should help you make up your mind why you should or should not buy iPhone 4G. Different people have different requirements for a smart phone and no device can please everyone. You should know your usage needs and take an informed decision.

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