Like Previous Iphone Models The Apple Iphone 4 Has A Pre-installed Multimedia Centre!

With the new iOS 4 operating system the new Apple iPhone 4 boasts a 16/32GB flash drive and shows of a beautiful 3.5 inch 960 x 326 pixel touch retina display. The phone comes in either black or white and it can shoot HD 720p videos at 30 frames per second with its 5 mega pixel digital camera. The device comes fully equipped with both Wi Fi and 3G for high speed connectivity and gives you complete social network coverage.

The iPhone 4 looks stunning; the rounded edges of the last model have slightly sharpened up for a modernized look and the screen looks so much brighter, the contrast ratio is fantastic, there is a special oleophobic coating on the front display and back casing to prevent finger smudges, and the new stainless steel trim and buttons gives the phone a lovely finish in collaboration with the stress tested glass face and back casing.

The new iPhone possesses a proximity sensor and an accelerometer for landscape viewing, the camera has an LED flash for darker conditions and the tap focus system is both intuitive and easy to use, there is also a photo and video geo-tagging feature so you can add location information to your image and video files. There is also a VGA camera on the front for self portraits for upload to various social network sites and FaceTime calls for long range visual communications with other iPhone 4 users.

Like previous iPhone models the Apple iPhone 4 has a pre-installed multimedia centre for audio and video playback; the device can handle tons of different audio formats with mp3 and wav in the bunch, there are also plenty of video file types covered like H.264, mp4 and m4v, the image clarity in the video playback is phenomenal and the sound quality is brilliant with both the music and video player. The interface is typical of Apple in design and functionality and is supported well by the retina screens capacitive abilities, the image gallery has the usual system, you can glide your way through your image files and pinch and zoom the one you select, there are various picture editing tools including face warpers and typically there are additional apps you can download for ultimate image customizability.

As expected Apple have given you full exposure to there famous App store which has a humongous range of useful, novel and absolutely nutty applications for you to make your iPhone your own, with such variety Apple have launched there the iPhone to global popularity with unit sales going through the roof. The backlit LCD screen displays the colourfully animated applications superbly and looks wonderfully vibrant in any light conditions; it has 4 times the amount of pixels and contrast ratio than the old iPhone 3GS and handles zoom really, really well, when viewing newspaper articles or e-mails you can zoom in as much as you wish and not see any jagged edges or blurred letters at all.

With full web connectivity via the Wi Fi and 3G technology there is dedicated social network and YouTube apps for status updating, video sharing and streaming and full e-mail integration allows you to manage your e-mail accounts, business or personal and handle your inboxes for as long as your 3G is active. The Apple iPhone4 is a palm-able, desirable and incredibly beautiful; it is very powerful and can be personalized to anyones personality with its huge App store and interchangeable bumpers. Everyone will want one including myself!

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