How is SEO classified?

Black hat SEO:

This is used to get high ranking in an unethical manner. This black hat SEO include
• Break search engine rules
• Creates a poor user experience
• Unethically present of content in a different visual or non visual way to search engine spiders and users.
• Creation of spam blogs
• Poor quality content
If we undergo any above activities the black hat SEO can possibly result in your website begin banned from search engine. When we consider more about the black hat SEO they are not genuine things that are to be done. We should take prior qualities in getting them throughout the digital marketing arena. We have to get through the correct path and there come white hat SEO.
White Hat SEO:
The white hat SEO completely follows search engine rules. The white hat BESTSEOQUOTES includes Keywords, back linking, and link building to improve link popularity. The white hat SEO also called as a Ethical SEO.
SEO Services:
The SEO service provider has practice of search engine optimization to increase number of visitors to. Website by getting a high ranking in a search result page of search engines (SERP). The SERP is something that makes us good on the track and then we have to get through the correct things online. The statistics of SERP is just listed below and we could get a clear idea of what is happening throughout the lane.
Search Engine Statistics:
• Google -41.6%
• Yahoo -31.5%
• MSN -27.4%

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